Sunday, July 1, 2012


I've decided I'm going to do them...

I've already updated my About Me page to say a few words on this. 

Reviews will be labelled "review" (duh!), although some will be complete reviews, and others will be from memory - shorter descriptions of what I recall of an experience. I'm not going to be looking to review each and every restaurant I go to. I'll concentrate on just those places that stand out to me, or the places I go to when I happen to have a bit of free time. A lot places I've been to should also be "student budget" friendly, so I'll tag those as such. And lot of places I remember just for a particular dish that I really liked, so instead of doing a review I'll mention the dish in question and put up a link to a dedicated post on my Personal Favourites page, tagged as "favourite foods". 

I haven't done proper reviews before, bar the odd Google review. I'm thinking of giving restaurants a total score out of 10, and commenting on the the food, atmosphere and value. I'll try to review places from the different parts of the world I've travelled to, but in all likelihood most of my reviews will be clustered around Bangladesh, the United Kingdom and Spain. I'll tag each of my reviews by "city, country", and give addresses and websites within the actual review wherever possible. When a restaurant is a particular favourite, I'll also add the tag "favourite food places". 

Since I will cheerfully eat almost anything, almost anywhere I'm hoping to review many different types of places. Well, with a slight bias towards desserts probably!

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