Monday, August 13, 2012

Blogging From Bangladesh

I'm Praying For Internet

Some things in Dhaka, like traffic, have gotten slower.

Technology on the other hand, has gotten faster.
Much respect to this brave soul undertaking rickshaw computing!

I admit got a little teary when the plane landed at the airport in Dhaka. But then we stepped out of the lounge the 138% humidity hit me like a wet towel. Then it took us 3 hours to get home because of the traffic, and reality had begun to catch up with me again.

But I’m still holding onto shreds of optimism as I sit here typing this on a train headed from Sirajganj to Dhaka. I’m tethering my phone’s EDGE connection to my laptop, and hoping that it’ll be good enough to actually upload this post. This in itself is a major improvement as far as I’m concerned. I’m on my way back from Salop, the village where my parents’ ancestral home still stands (barely!).

Waiting for our train at Kamlapur Railway Station, Dhaka

It’s been a crazy trip, to say the least. It’s currently monsoon here, and while I love the storms and the rain while I’m in the city; the mud and mosquitoes in the countryside make life there...difficult. I’m mostly back in Dhaka for the rest of my time in Bangladesh, but hopefully I’ll squeeze in a few more trips here and there. Thus I’ll be blogging from Bangladesh and about Bangladesh for the next month or so, covering everything from food in our rural regions to restaurants in Dhaka city. If I get the chance, I want to cover some of our more interesting holiday spots as well. All of my posts for this period will be tagged with the “bangladesh” label, something I think I’m going to start doing for other relevant posts as well.

I still have a backlog of mom’s recipes and other things I want to post, but all of this is on hold while I blog about my summer in Bangladesh! 

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