Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Introduction

Why I'm blogging...

The notebook I use to record recipes.

I'm leaving the family home for good this time, which means I won't be able to run to my mom whenever I get a craving for one of the many Bangladeshi dishes that I love. Hence my mission this summer is to learn as much as possible from her, so that I can recreate these dishes whenever I want in my own kitchen.

Before I go on, a little note on the blog title. Not everything my mom cooks is traditional Bangladeshi cuisine, and so the blog will be peppered throughout with random recipes that have nothing to do with Bangladesh.  They'll all still be my mom's recipes, whatever she's picked up during her travels around the world and adapted to suit her tastes, or maybe even some attempts at authentically replicating of foreign dishes. 

I may do a general post like this one now and again, but my posts will be recipes with ingredients and cooking instructions, as well as a little bit of background waffle here and there. I'm not doing all of the cooking myself yet, so I can't claim credit for any of the food you'll see here over the next few months! I'll eventually start cooking myself over the summer, however, and continue when I've moved out. Hopefully, I'll  keep on blogging about my food adventures then as well. 

Most of my friends will be able to tell you that I have a passion for food - whether it's cooking myself (although my skills are limited), home made food or eating out. Bearing this in mind, I thinking of doing restaurants reviews, postings tips about where to get ingredients and such. However, I'm still undecided in this area, so we'll just have to wait and see.   

Finally, I'm also hoping (but not holding my breath!) that mom will one day start blogging on this site as well, because what I'll be able to learn from her over the summer will only represent a fraction of her culinary repertoire!

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